My Journey Begins with Essential Oils

This blog marks a new beginning for me and my family.  I invite you and your friends to follow my adventure in the world of holistic compounds, in transforming my life as well as the lives of others using 100 percent natural methods.  Essential oils have changed so many peoples lives on so many levels.  This has come at a time when my life was suffering physically, mentally, emotionally and financially as a dear friend reached out to me and introduced me to the world of essential oils.  Since, we have experienced transformation on so many fronts; the anxieties of life that weighed us down seem less overwhelming because of the infusion of essential oils.  My husband and kids are healthier as we incorporate daily a blend of natural solutions.  We have rid our home of toxic products as we have found natural cleaners and deodorizers to bring our home to a new level of clean.  What’s more, the overwhelming aches and pains that burdened individual family members, including an 11 year old son with tension headaches to my husbands chronic back pain are alleviated.  These are just a few examples of how blessed my life is because of essential oils.

My plan is to blog frequently and share the knowledge I gain to help others heal and to help others make natural choices from better diets, more exercise and natural health to our health that will better their lives.

About a month ago, I set up a booth at my first trade show as a Wellness Advocate.  My husband felt the need for me to display something symbolic of my journey with essential oils.  In a old tin pot, he planted this small, underdeveloped, haggared lavender plant that he found at a local nursery.  When he handed me the plant he explained its symbolism, “this plant will grow with your business.”  I have to admit, I was a little bit embarrassed displaying this little withered plant in my booth.  One month later, I’m happy to report that my business, much like my lavender plant is growing.  It is blossoming!

Peace and Love!