Summer’s Here – Now What?

10 Thing to do to incorporate essential oils into your summer….

10 – Cook/BBQ with essential oils and feed your neighbors and friends.
9- Use the Focus Blend on your kids during their summer reading sessions.
8- Use Cilantro oil in your fresh garden salsa.
7 – Don’t forget the Insect Repellent on your camp outs or at your husband’s summer work party to keep mosquitos at bay.
6 – Use Lavender as an after sun spray.
5 – Host a ‘slip and slide’ party for your kids….don’t forget to slip some lime or lemon oil in the drinking water.
4 – Use Soothing Blend on your Ragnar team or other athletic events/races to ease muscle discomfort.
3 – Use Meleauca to sooth minor skin irritations.
2 – Lavender works wonders when you’re overwhelmed with kids.
1 – Host an essential oil class and educate your family and friends.


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