Bad Year for Bugs

Is it me or has it been a really bad mosquito year?  It seems like everytime I go outside, I get attacked.  What’s more, they are getting into my house and biting us all while we sleep.  There’s nothing worse than laying in bed at night and hearing the annoying little buzz of a mosquito hovering above your bed.  Recently, I have received notices from my kids’ school that the fields and playgrounds are infested with mosquitos and that they are doing abatement as fast and frequently as possible.  Still, I decided not to take any chances.

all natural

I’m always reluctant to use any repellant that has deet so I only used bug spray when it was absolutely necessary.  However, I have found that the Repellent Blend is a terrific natural, herbal bug repellant and it smells good to use.  What’s more, it’s a blend of essential oils for the skin.  Diluted with some fractionated coconut oil, it can be put in a spray bottle and really goes a long way.  It’s safe, it’s affordable and it is a very valid alternative to store bought, deet infused bug repellant.  Ask me about it today!


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