New Product: The Protective Blend Laundry Detergent

Another great product was rolled out at the essential oil company (can’t say the name) convention.  Over time, as we learn more about the benefits of essential oils we will see more and more and more products like this.  This product is all natural, safe, pure and cost effective as this product should be.


The protective blend laundry detergent is a naturally-based, highly-concentrated 6X laundry detergent that utilizes the power of the Protective Blend and bio-originated enzymes for amazingly clean clothes.

• Each naturally sourced enzyme targets and gently removes specific types of stains

• Contains 10 mL of Protective Blend (over $28 retail value) for an added cleaning boost

• Safe for the environment and the whole family

• Natural Surfactants

• 64 loads in each bottle; 1 Tablespoon = 1 load (using a high efficiency washer)

• Contains the Protective Blend Essential Oil

• Non-toxic

• Great as a pre-treatment for stains

• Smells like the Protective Blend!


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