10 Natural Foods to Eat – Post Workout


What you eat right after a good workout will determine the final outcome for your efforts at the gym.  The way we eat, with an accelerated metabolism, will help us in the way our body builds muscle and sheds unwanted fat; however, if you don’t eat the proper foods right after the workout, your exercise effort could be all for naught.  Here are a few natural suggestions:

1. Eggs – with only 70 calories each, eggs pack a 6.3 grams of protein and are one of the few foods that contain vitamin D.

2. Quinoa – few grains can compete with the vitamins and nutrients found in quinoa.  It also contains far more fiber and protein than brown rice.

3. Orange Juice – Much better for you than gatorade, this healthy, natural drink gives you much more vitamin C and potassium (an important electrolyte) than sugary sports drinks.

4. Kefir – One cup of kefir has contains 11 – 14 grams of complete proteins which don’t occur naturally in the body.  These proteins are essential for maintaining lean muscle mass and accelerating weight loss.

5. Bananas – Very high in the good kind of carbs needed after a hard workout.  These fast acting carbs assist in restoring glycogen levels, which helps to rebuild damaged muscles.

6. Salmon – Filled with protein as well as anti-inflammatory omega-3s, this important food is excellent for rebuilding muscle mass and increasing performance.

7. Blueberries – Offer a huge antioxidant boost and triple your rate of recovery after intense workouts.

8. Whole grain pita and hummus – A meat free option that’s filled with protein and very easy to prepare.  The slow release carbs found in whole grain pita will help maintain energy levels after a tough workout.

9. Dried Fruit and Nuts – A handful delivers both carbs and essential proteins.  Soy nuts are especially helpful in building muscle.

10. Pineapple – Filled with bromelain, a natural anti-inflammatory agent, this wonder fruit has proven to heal bruises, sprains and swelling.  Also high in Vitamin C, a key component in repairing tissue.

Often, we get caught up in the idea that working out without eating will help accelerate weight loss.  However, studies have shown that working out without eating is actually detrimental to our bodies. Instead of shedding fat, we end up shedding important muscle mass.  When you’re done at the gym, it’s so important to just eat.  Studies show that eating within 15 minutes after finishing the gym is always best to help maximize your metabolism and accelerate muscle healing.

Remember, the use of the essential oil supplement  is filled with essential vitamins, minerals and essential oils is also useful in the process of  rebuilding muscle mass and helping the body to heal.

Source:  http://www.buzzfeed.com/moerder/the-14-best-things-to-eat-after-a-workout


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