A Few Basic Diet Tips

diet image

There is so much information out there about different diets.  I get quickly overwhelmed when I try to understand and remember all the rules to effective dieting.  Consider five simple tips to keep your nutrition on track, including:

  1. Eat clean.  Your body wasn’t made to process all the addititives and preservatives it consumes
  2. Carbs are not bad.  processed food and sugar is the problem
  3. Don’t give everything up.  But make yourself earn the extras.  Don’t eat treats without a solid plan to burn it off.
  4. Be prepared.  prep food in advance and eat frequently throughout the day.  kep you metabolism up.  (Hunger isn’t a bad thing;  it means your metabolism is working.)
  5. Drinks count too.  Watch the contents of latte’s sodas, icead teas and smoothies.  if we don’t pay attnetion we can get a lot of calories and sugar from unsuspecting places.  Don’t drink your calories!

Keep it simple, stay calm and diet on!


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