Resolutions That are Easy to Keep


Every year at this time we all go to that place where we are trying to power through resolutions made just three short weeks ago.  However, when me make resolutions that are too big, they quickly fade away because we tend to get overwhelmed and just quit.  As an alternative, check out a few easy to keep resolutions:

  1. Drink more water:  Chances are, you don’t drink enough and increasing your H2o intake will bring measurable results.  The Institute of Medicine recommends that adults drink eight, 8 oz glasses of water.  As a result, you could experience some weight loss, cleaner skin, reduced appetite and natural detox.  If you’re like me, too much of a good thing can be monotonous so try adding some lemon juice, lemon oil or metabolic blend oil to your water for a little flavor.
  2. Exercise more:  Instead of giving yourself real specific fitness goals, instead, try to just exercise more.  If you typically exercise twice per week, try going three times.  Or, just plan more exercise into your daily routine more walking, using stairs instead of an elevator, more hiking, more biking.
  3. Eat less sugar:  The results are obvious….reduced sugar intake can result in weight loss, increased energy, less inflammation and increased emotional wellness.  Instead of quitting cold turkey, try general reduction first and aim to cut sugar intake in half.  Try sugar substitutes like natural sweeteners like agave and stevia.
  4. Eat more fruits and vegetables:  Eating more leafy, fresh foods in the form of fruits and vegetables can increase your metabolism, help you shed some extra pounds, aid in digestion and give you increased energy.  Again, this can be an gradual increase of fresh foods by pairing just one fresh fruit or vegetable with each meal.  Also, fruits make a great substitute for sugary dessert foods.
  5. Eat whole grains:  White bread is a staple of the American diet, however, there is very little nutritional value to eating white, refined grain bread products (including pasta).  Decreasing white bread intake is easy if you find a good whole grain substitute to replace the white bread with. Eating more bread aids with digestion efficiency, increases energy and reduces cholesterol levels.
  6. Be consistent:  Don’t give up and as an aerobics instructor always tells me… “don’t stop moving.”  Do something everyday to keep yourself on track and don’t get discouraged if you miss a day or two, just pick yourself back up and keep going.

Remember, you can take small, incremental steps daily to reach these goals and be successful.  Plan ahead and be ready to do something everyday toward accomplishing your goals.  Live happy, live well!  Happy 2017! 


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