Beautiful Jasmine Oil

Known as the “King of Flowers,” Jasmine is prized for its delicate white flowers, which emit a rich fragrant aroma for up to 36 hours after being hand picked.  Jasmine has changed my life and I can’t begin to describe how this gorgeous aroma makes me feel.  Because Jasmine is so rare, the essential oil is usually only available based on supply.  As a part of the doTERRA Touch® line, it comes in a 10 ml roll-on bottle and the aroma makes application a pleasurable experience.  Consider the following:

  • Apply on your wrists and neck as a personal fragrance.  Jasmine’s aroma is intensely floral, warm, musky, and exotic—the perfect scent for a lush perfume. (Plus, its scent is also uplifting!)

  • Jasmine is known to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and promote healthy, radiant skin. Because of its convenient application in a roll-on bottle and its combination with Fractionated Coconut Oil, you can apply Jasmine Touch directly on skin imperfections in the morning and night.  Not only will it help reduce skin imperfections but it will also leave your skin with a beautiful glowing complexion.

  • Because Jasmine has such an uplifting scent, using Jasmine Touch on our pulse points is the perfect way to uplift mood. Emotionally, Jasmine promotes feelings of joy, peace, and self-confidence. Applying Jasmine in the morning will help provide a positive outlook on the day and leave you feeling uplifted and confident.

Jasmine Facts:

  • Jasmine is one of the most precious essential oils because extracting it is extremely labor-intensive.  The extraction process must be done at daybreak when the flowers are most fragrant and have the highest percentage of aromatic components intact.

  • Due to the large amount of flowers needed to produce a small amount of oil, Jasmine is highly sought after in both the perfume industry and in aromatherapy.

In the new roll-on applicator bottle, combined with fractionated coconut oil, Jasmine is accessible, affordable and an oil that should be in your collection.  Order here today.


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