I want this blog to increase awareness and create a better life for myself, my family and my friends.  As I grow older, I’ve seen our world deteriorate in the way we care for ourselves and our families.  The quality of healthcare has significantly disintegrated and at any given time, we just don’t know what we are ingesting into our bodies.  We are at a critical state where if we don’t change the way we approach healthcare, our quality of life will continue to diminish at epic proportions.

Essential oils are an amazing way to support health for those who are looking for something different, something natural.  They are Certified Therapeutic Grade oils which means that every vile has been certified to be organic and pure without any preservatives or fillers.  What’s more, the cost for essential oils is also a huge benefit.  One drop can go so far to help maintain your health.

On a consistent basis, I will blog about what I’m learning and give useful, relevant information that will help you and your family better your quality of life.   Don’t worry, it’s all about the product for me, I won’t try to sell you anything that you don’t want or won’t need; however, essential oils have transformed the way we financially support our family.  Ask me how.

Lavender & Jade,


2012 family pic



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