A Gift Fit for a King


The Bible documents the use of Frankincense as early as 3000 B.C.  Considered a “holy” oil in the Middle East, frankincense has been part of religious ceremonies for thousands of years.  It’s reported that wisemen brought the precious gift as they sought the newborn Christ child on that first Christmas.

Considered to be more valuable than gold, frankincense was sometimes referred to as “liquid gold”. Even today, the rarety of frankincense makes it one of the most expensive essential oils.

Much of the world’s frankincense comes from the gum resin tears extracted from trees in Oman, India, Somalia, Yemen and other areas of North Africa, which is then steam distilled into oil.  However, the best oil comes from Oman.

Like all essential oils, frankincense brings a complexity and synergy, through its many beneficial compounds and structures.  Researchers have discovered that compounds, identified as sesquiterpenes, stimulate the limbic system, the emotional center of the brain,   as well as key glands.

No wonder the rich aromatic scent of this unique essential oil is calming to the senses, emotional state and overall sense of well-being.

As you consider gift giving this season and if you’re wanting to give the priceless gift of health and vitality, consider giving this valuable gift to loved ones this holiday season – after all, it’s a gift fit for a king.