Busting Belly Fat Naturally

As I get older I am noticing the harmful effects of gravity on my body.  I pride myself in the amount of effort I exert each day at the gym trying to crunch, plank and cardio my way to better abs.  Then one morning, while in my cardio class, the instructor said “remember ladies, your abs are made in your kitchen.”  What? Did she just really just say that?  You mean, all this time and effort at the gym is meaningless if I continue to eat the way I do?  Preposterous!

Then, that very same day, as I went home and jumped on the computer and made my way to my email account I stumbled on this doosey of an article on MSN  and I realized I am going about this all wrong.

So… starting today, I have turned over a new leaf.  I work harder at home in my kitchen by watching what I put in my mouth and still do my work at the gym but with less worry and anxiety over whether or not it is actually working.

One other way that I am accelerating the effect of my work at the gym and to curb my appetite at home is using essential oil products to assist me in my journey.  These oils are very effective in trimming down and increasing my energy.  Be sure to ask me how.

belly fat


Beat the Bloat

Sometimes, no matter how hard you work and no matter how disciplined you are about dieting and working out, you may still feel like your a little chubby.  This feeling is normal and is not evidence based but instead on a perception you may have.  To put perspective to this, what you may see or feel could very well be temporary and a something that may be easily fixed.  The condition I’m describing is one that everyone has heard of, it’s known as bloat.


Bloating is an abnormal swelling, increase in diameter or feeling of fullness and tightness in the abdominal area as gas and liquid are trapped inside.  Common causes of bloating can include overeating, menstraution, constipation, food allergies, and irritable bowel syndrome.

When dealing with bloat, it’s important to identify a few things.  First, there are four factors that can influce how prone you are to bloating or fluid retention.  Consider if your life has one or more of the following:

  1. Stress:  A stressful event triggers hormone fluctuations that raise blood pressure and divert blood to your extremities, causing your digestive system to slow down.  This can leasve that last meal sitting around in your intestine a little longer, causing bloating
  2. Lack of fluid.  It’s true that you need about 8 glasses of water a day.  Drinking water and eating “watery” foods such as greens, melon, and other fruits and veggies gueard against water retention and constipation, which can cause bloating.
  3. Lack of sleep.  Your nervous system depends on adequate sleep.  Too little sleep disrupts the intricate workings of this system, which controls the rhythmic contractions of your GI tract and helps keep thins humming along.
  4. Air travel.  The average plan maintains cabin pressure equal to 5,000 to 8,000 feet above sea level in order to provide a comfortable atmosphere for the assengers.  At that altitude, free air in the body cavities tends to expand by around 25 percent.  Pressure changes also increase the production of gases in your digestive system.  As the pressure in the cabin drops, the air in your intestines expands, causing bloating and discomfort.  Cabin pressurization is also responsible for increased water retention because it impacts your body’s natural fluid balance.  Add in the dehydration caused by recirculated air, and those bloat miles add up.  Before and during your flight, drink as much water as possble and walk around as often as possble during the flight.

Each of the factors listed above can be controlled or reversed.  What’s more, there’s a lot we can do to minmize bloat by what and how we eat.  Take some time and practice avoiding the following foods:

  • Eat four 300 calorie meals a day
  • Drink on full recipe made with drops of the Metabolic Blend Water per day
  • Eat Slowly
  • Avoid the following foods
    • Alcohol, coffee, tea, hot cocoa and acidic fruit juices
    • Bulky raw foods
    • Carbonated drinks
    • Chewing gum
    • Excess carbs
    • Fatty foods
    • Fried foods
    • Gassy foods, including broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, citris fruits, legumes, onions and peppers
    • Salt from the saltshaker, salt-based seasonings and highly processed foods
    • Spicy foods, including foods seasoned with barbecue sauce, black pepper, chilie peppers, chili powder, cloves, garlic, horseradish, hot sauce, ketchup, mutard, nutmeg, onions, tomato sauce, or vinegar
    • Sugar alcohols, such as xylitol and maltitol, which are often found in low-calorie, low-carb, or sugar free products such as candy, chewing gum, ice cream and jam.

Finally, using essential oils for health is also a great way to reduce bloating.  In addition to using the Metabolic Blend on a daily basis, also use Digestive Blend by applying directly to the stomach and to reflex points on the feet.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil Revisited

juniper berry

It is always exciting to learn about new essential oils.  I’m particularly excited about the new Juniper Berry oil.  I have experienced it and found many natural health benefits that I’m anxious to share.  Derived from the coniferous tree, Juniper Berry essential oil has a rich history of traditional uses and therapeutic benefits. Juniper Berry acts as a natural cleansing agent, both internally and externally.  Juniper Berry supports healthy kidney and urinary function and is very beneficial to the skin. Its woody, spicy, yet fresh aroma has a calming effect that helps relieve tension and stress. When diffused, Juniper Berry helps to cleanse and purify the air.



Use three to four drops in the diffuser of your choice.

Internal use:

Dilute one drop in 4 fl. oz. of liquid.

Topical use:

Apply one to two drops to desired area. Dilute with tōDERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil to minimize any skin sensitivity. See additional

I enjoy diffusing this and using this oil to enhance positive energy.  Mix it with White Fir for an exhilarating aromatic experience.

New Product: Juniper Berry Essential Oil

juniper berry


This has to be my favorite new product this year -Juniper Berry Essential Oil.  When I first experienced its aroma, I closed my eyes and was lifted to another place.
There is a high vibration to this oil as it really pulled a lot of emotion to the surface for me.  It’s woodsie, it’s masculine and yet there is a sweetness to it that’s indescribable.

Derived from the coniferous tree, Juniper Berry essential oil has a rich history of traditional uses and therapeutic benefits. Juniper Berry acts as a natural cleansing agent, both internally and externally. Juniper Berry supports healthy kidney and urinary function and is and essential oil for the  skin.  Its woody, spicy, yet fresh aroma has a calming effect that helps relieve tension and stress. When diffused, Juniper Berry helps to cleanse and purify the air.

Also try blending it with White Fir oil for an aromatic sensation like no other.  Unique and invigorating!

New Product: The Protective Blend Laundry Detergent

Another great product was rolled out at the essential oil company (can’t say the name) convention.  Over time, as we learn more about the benefits of essential oils we will see more and more and more products like this.  This product is all natural, safe, pure and cost effective as this product should be.


The protective blend laundry detergent is a naturally-based, highly-concentrated 6X laundry detergent that utilizes the power of the Protective Blend and bio-originated enzymes for amazingly clean clothes.

• Each naturally sourced enzyme targets and gently removes specific types of stains

• Contains 10 mL of Protective Blend (over $28 retail value) for an added cleaning boost

• Safe for the environment and the whole family

• Natural Surfactants

• 64 loads in each bottle; 1 Tablespoon = 1 load (using a high efficiency washer)

• Contains the Protective Blend Essential Oil

• Non-toxic

• Great as a pre-treatment for stains

• Smells like the Protective Blend!

Bad Year for Bugs

Is it me or has it been a really bad mosquito year?  It seems like everytime I go outside, I get attacked.  What’s more, they are getting into my house and biting us all while we sleep.  There’s nothing worse than laying in bed at night and hearing the annoying little buzz of a mosquito hovering above your bed.  Recently, I have received notices from my kids’ school that the fields and playgrounds are infested with mosquitos and that they are doing abatement as fast and frequently as possible.  Still, I decided not to take any chances.

all natural

I’m always reluctant to use any repellant that has deet so I only used bug spray when it was absolutely necessary.  However, I have found that the Repellent Blend is a terrific natural, herbal bug repellant and it smells good to use.  What’s more, it’s a blend of essential oils for the skin.  Diluted with some fractionated coconut oil, it can be put in a spray bottle and really goes a long way.  It’s safe, it’s affordable and it is a very valid alternative to store bought, deet infused bug repellant.  Ask me about it today!

For Head Tension? Try the Tension Blend


If you have trouble with chronic head tension, know that you’re not alone, many people, for generations suffer from this painful condition.  This issues has baffled medical doctors and scientists in their research to find effect ways to cope.  However, the earth has provided us with amazing elements that when brought together have the capacity to change the way our body fights and offers support, in a safer more natural way.

Symptoms of severe head tension include throbbing pain accompanied by nausea, vomiting and heightened sensitivity to light.  Women are much more likely than men to suffer from this.  Head tension can be triggered by stress, anxiety, sleep or food deprivation, bright lights, loud noises and hormonal changes.  Oils recommended for support include Tension Blend, peppermint, basil, soothing blend, wintergreen and ylang ylang.

The Tension Blend is a proprietary blend of an amazing combination of oils including:

  • Wintergreen
  • Lavender
  • Frankincense
  • Cilantro
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Marjoram
  • Basil
  • Rosemary

To use this product, use the roll-on applicator to apply this blend to the temples, the forehead, the back of the neck and to the reflex areas on the hands and feet.

Retail:  $24.67

Wholesale:  $18.50 (requires enrollment for wholesale account)

Many people, have had terrific amazing results using the Tension Blend.  Stop the suffering and call today for more inform